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Squares by Elaine Matthews , Perth Australia

Squares in progress:

1. Two fairies standing outside their tree house home, with butterflies and coloured steps leading to the door of their tree house for Sarah W (Deadline: 30 May 2019)
2. Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 179, 4 small dolls for Samara L (Deadline: 27 Jun 2019)
3. Fairy standing in a blue dress holding a blue star wand in her right hand with blue boots on for Fairy Stitch-A-Long (Deadline: 27 Jun 2019)
4. Car with a dog hanging out of the boot with 3 suitcases on top of the car roof, will miss out the caravan that the car is pulling as the design will be too big for Toby H (Deadline: 27 Jun 2019)
5. Winnie the Pooh bear jumping on leaves for Disney Stitch-a-long (Deadline: 31 Jul 2019)

For Ryan C
(Theme: Disney characters - all)
Submitted: Jul 2018

For Maddison-Rayne B
(Theme: Hearts and unicorns.)
Submitted: Jun 2018

For Kiarra-Nicole S
(Theme: Puppies & Dogs)
Submitted: Jan 2018

For Kael M
(Theme: Music)
Submitted: Sep 2017

For Heidi K
(Theme: Butterflies and sunshine)
Submitted: Sep 2017

For Dekkard
(Theme: Animals wild/jungle (elephants, crocodiles))
Submitted: Sep 2017

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Completed quilts featuring Elaine Matthews 's squares

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